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More information on Income Based Repayment

We’ve talked before about Income Based Repayment. Since then, you’ve had a few questions about how the program works, so I wanted to revisit some of them. First, a refresher course: Income Based Repayment uses your adjusted gross income, family… Continue reading

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Repayment is coming: Do you know your options?

Editor’s note: Over the next couple weeks we’ll be talking about repaying your student loans — from types of plans to repayment strategies. Make sure to let us know if you have specific questions through comments! Repayment is on its… Continue reading

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How green is your campus?

It’s Earth Day, and we’re probably all thinking a little bit more about being green on a personal level. But do you ever give much thought to green practices within your school? Just how green is your campus, anyway? The… Continue reading

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What the federal student loan changes mean to you

You know that changes to health care in the U.S. have been in the headlines lately. President Barack Obama signed the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (HCERA) into law on March 30. What you might not have heard is… Continue reading

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Pass financial literacy on

Earlier this month, we talked about taking steps to become a bit more financially savvy. Well that same day President Obama made the official proclamation for a financial literacy focus this month. The President asked that, during April, Americans recommit… Continue reading

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I’m spent.

And it’s because I’ve spent…$103.94 at Target®. It took a lot out of me to swipe my card considering my recent lack of frivolous spending. Yes, now that my 40-day ban on shopping for stuff is over, the floodgates of… Continue reading

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Are you passing up free money?

When I went to college, Pell Grants and scholarships paved a lot of the way for me. I sometimes wish I’d kept the paperwork, just so I could remember exactly how much I depended on them to pay my way…. Continue reading

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Keeping a mobile eye on credit card activity

We’ve talked before about banking on your cell phone. Mobile banking lets you set up text alerts and do things like check the balance on your account. But what about getting alerts sent to your cell phone for activity on… Continue reading

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Learning about your finances

Now that you’re done fooling, it’s time to focus on a more serious April event: National Financial Literacy Month! OK, so thinking about finances might not be quite as fun as scheming ways to dupe your friends, but it certainly… Continue reading

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