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Protect yourself from phish

This summer I’ve seen a couple kinds of fish — the ones at the lake nibbling my toes as I swim, and the phish that have arrived in my inbox and through my cell phone. Neither is fun, but the… Continue reading

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Giving back to your school

After you graduate, the only money you’ll probably be thinking about when it comes to your school are the monthly student loan payments you’re making. But it won’t be long before you get the call: An earnest, cheerful student from… Continue reading

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Get your financial aid in order for fall

It’s July. Do you know where your college money is coming from? If you didn’t answer “yes,” it’s time to get a handle on how you’re paying your tuition bill this fall. The first few days of college are hectic… Continue reading

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Roommates, revisited

When Caroline posted about her college roommate experience, I’ll admit that I groaned just a little bit. You see, I did not end up with a best friend from the random roommate selection. In fact, my experience was fairly negative…. Continue reading

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Parents: Are you getting oriented, too?

I came across this article the other day about college-orientation sessions for parents. These aren’t a brand-new thing, certainly. They had parent sessions when my stepdaughter started college five years ago. But it’s definitely a new phenomenon with this generation… Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Just the other day on a trip to my local Ace Hardware store, I realized the approach I take while shopping there applies to money matters as well. The employees always point me in the right direction. But once I’ve… Continue reading

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The consolidation decision

As a college graduate, two things haunted my dreams: finding a job to support myself and managing my student loan repayment (specifically, whether I should consolidate my student loans or not). Consolidation is a term many students are unaware of… Continue reading

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