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Do e-readers work for college students?

I just got my first e-reader this weekend: a Kindle. As an avid reader, I’m really excited to start using this device. It’s so skinny and lightweight—it got me thinking how I would have loved using one of these in… Continue reading

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Managing debt while in school

College students, I have an assignment to add to your list: Take some time to think about the debt you are acquiring during college. Go ahead and roll your eyes—I certainly know the feeling. Your debt is probably the last… Continue reading

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Are you an entrepreneur?

There are a lot of jobs for college students out there. Some are fabulous, some aren’t much fun at all. When you’re considering where to work during college, have you ever considered starting your own business? I recently saw The… Continue reading

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History on both coasts (and in between, too)

Last week I was reminded of Wells Fargo’s history. Each morning I woke up in San Francisco, I could see the old stagecoach in the Wells Fargo museum across the street—a stagecoach that actually used to be an integral part… Continue reading

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Help for Japan

Last week, I made myself at home in San Francisco. This Midwesterner got a bit of a shock on Friday morning. I’m used to hearing about tornados and blizzards that could affect me, but earthquakes and tsunamis? Yikes. I couldn’t… Continue reading

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Becoming an adult … slowly

I wanted to quickly alert you to an interesting chat I heard on Minnesota Public Radio (special shout out and I heart you to Kerri Miller!) Here’s the link to a conversation with the two authors of Not Quite Adults,… Continue reading

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Make the most of summer, starting now

Since it’s barely spring break time, you probably haven’t given much thought to summer. But if you want to make the most of those three luxurious months, now is the time to start planning. Lots of students will be competing… Continue reading

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Our most valuable classes, part 2

In Part 1 of my Most Valuable Classes post, a few of us Student LoanDown bloggers shared a specific class that really left an enduring impression with us. Here are some more of our MVCs. Have you shared yours, yet?… Continue reading

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Our most valuable classes, part 1

Talking with any student, there always seems to be one class that left a mark on them—whether it was valuable for their future career or valuable for life. Those of us at the Student LoanDown have all had one of… Continue reading

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My “no restaurants” resolution results

You may recall that I made a resolution this month to dramatically curb my habit of eating out. And I’m proud to say it paid off—literally. I know February is a short month, but this month my restaurant bill was… Continue reading

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