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Parents: What’s your post-college role?

For students, the post-college months can be some of the most awkward in life. Expectations are high for an instant career and adult life. But reality? Maybe months at home looking for a job. As a parent, it’s not an… Continue reading

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Kids and money

Through my years working in college admissions and student lending, I’ve heard many experts talk about financial education for children and young adults. Each expert seems to have their own method for parents to teach their kids about money. Some… Continue reading

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Parent’s poll: How involved are you?

Editor’s Note: In our next few posts, we’re talking to all the parents out there. Whether you’ve got a child who’s planning for college, finishing college, or learning money management, these posts are for you! (—Barbara) Years ago, it was… Continue reading

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Does borrowing give you confidence?

Last week Barbara shared this article with me, and I have to say, it made my jaw drop. In a nutshell, a new study is showing that young adults are feeling empowered by their credit card and education debt. The… Continue reading

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Should I choose a fixed or variable interest rate?

We’ve just talked about the differences between fixed interest rates and variable interest rates. So when you’re deciding which type of rate to go with, what does it all boil down to? Your choice. There are benefits to both types… Continue reading

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The basics: fixed and variable interest rates

When you’re shopping for a student loan you need to consider a lot of elements—like repayment term, deferment options, disbursement, etc.—but usually the biggest factor is interest rate. The interest rate is essentially the cost of the loan. It’s a… Continue reading

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What are you good at?

Remember how I talked about career evaluation a while back? Well it’s kept me thinking about evaluation and getting to know yourself and your potential. Go figure, my gal, Kerri Miller, talked with some folks just last week about aptitude… Continue reading

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Tips for new grads

When you’re fresh out of high school or college, folks are usually pretty eager to reminisce and give you their two cents—there are even a few pennies that should be kept to themselves, right, college grads? Well after five years… Continue reading

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Your after high school insurance plan

When you get to the end of high school, you’ve probably spent days, weeks, even months contemplating your next move. Which is…? Whether you’re moving out or just moving to the basement, make sure you don’t leave yourself unprotected. Here… Continue reading

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