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Our best gifts

Last week we talked about smart gifting strategies for the holidays. I was curious about our own favorite gifts so I asked the bloggers to share the best gifts they’ve received. For me, it was a childhood gift that still… Continue reading

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Track your ATM withdrawals

I don’t know about you, but I rarely carry cash. I have an excellent relationship with my debit card. However, there are sometimes when I have to stop at an ATM to grab some cash for certain purchases and situations—like… Continue reading

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More holiday spending tips

Okay, it’s crunchtime. Finals are wrapping up and now you have to shift gears into holiday-mode. Every year, it seems to sneak up on some of us and we scramble up to the last hour to find thoughtful gifts for… Continue reading

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Smarter holiday spending

It’s prime time for holiday shopping and events. Even though it can be stressful and hairy, I do take pleasure in gift giving and a good celebration. So, what really gets to me? Celebrating the holidays in style with my… Continue reading

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When a cram session won’t save the day

Are you someone who likes to put off the inevitable? Do you define “studying” as a coffee-fueled cram session the night before a test? While that approach may get you through a class or two, it’s not a habit that… Continue reading

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Money for high school and college students

If you’re planning for college or already there you could probably use a little extra money, right? I doubt any of you would pass on the opportunity for free money. So I wanted to share an opportunity with you …… Continue reading

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