An ongoing conversation

There are no guarantees in investments — or in much of anything in life, for that matter — so that means if you’re going to work in the investment industry, you better surround yourself with as much data and smarts and ideas that you can. That doesn’t make the future any more knowable, but at least it arms you to handle the uncertain future that comes your way.

Idea generation doesn’t often occur in a vacuum or after a sudden flash of insight. (Unless you’re Ron Popeil, perhaps. At least that’s where I imagine “Set it and forget it” came from.) No, it usually starts with a conversation between people interested in similar things.

The purpose of this blog is to open up the door a bit on the conversations that, as a matter of course, happen all the time behind the scenes in an investment company. We figure that, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re similarly like-minded, and wouldn’t mind joining in the conversation as well.

As editor of Wells Fargo AdvantageVoice, I’ll function like a curator, finding interesting ideas that are happening here and elsewhere in the financial world and then opening them up for (hopefully polite) discussion.

The steady stream of material we regularly produce will also be found here. Our award-winning Daily Advantage newsletter, now in its tenth year, will show up—while still being emailed to subscribers, of course. We hope the new blog format makes it easier for regular readers to join in the many conversations sparked by Daily Advantage. We’ll include our weekly podcast On the Trading Desk as well, in addition to some of our regularly scheduled commentary.

We hope you’ll find value in the broad mix of topics and ideas we’ll post on the blog. There will be analysis of breaking news, ideas about investing trends, economic insights, and—as regular readers of Daily Advantage can guess—our usual dose of offbeat topics and humor.

We thank you for reading and look forward to what’s hopefully a long and ongoing conversation!

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