Market Roundup for November: Big Mo-vember?

It’s rare for investors to see back-to-back monthly gains like we’ve had in September and October. That’s why many of them are on bubble watch, thinking that the momentum can’t be maintained. Our team of capital market strategists look back at what’s driven some indices to all-time highs and provide guidance on how to position your portfolio going forward.

When you mix November with growing moustaches, you get Movember. It’s a movement to raise awareness for various male cancers. Big Mo—which stands for big momentum—is a term that originated in the 1960s to describe the importance of momentum in sports. A team on a winning streak was said to have momentum that could serve as a psychological motivator for better performance. The term has also been used in investing to describe the momentum that’s generated when winning begets winning. Will November see some Big Mo or a big stumble for the markets? We think there may be some trip-ups, but nothing to skin any knees or sprain any ankles.

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