Believing in Brazil

Before arriving in Brazil (and after the seven inoculations I had to get before traveling), I thought hard about what to expect from my first trip to a Latin American country. Would I see poverty next to wealth? Would people be accepting of foreign visitors? What if I got lost in São Paolo?


As it turns out, what I remember most is how warm and friendly people were.


We flew to Brazil in late 2018, a time of change in the region. For decades, Brazil suffered under widespread political corruption. However, just prior to our trip, Brazil held a supercycle election that reshaped its government. Could this bring about a new era of stability for Brazil’s economy and society? As emerging market investors, we needed to hear directly from the sources.


So we timed our trip to coincide with the JP Morgan Brazil Opportunities Conference in São Paulo, whose speakers included Brazil’s newly elected cabinet officials, members of Congress, and a range of locals who lived, worked, and invested in the region—all of whom we had the opportunity to speak with. We also met with leadership from more than a dozen companies in a private sector that is hopeful for a business-friendly climate.


Read more about our firsthand insights about Brazil in our team’s latest edition of Market Traveler.


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