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    Couple meeting with advisor

    When Washington calls your financial advisory practice into question, it’s your opportunity to rise above the remarks and focus on communicating your transparency of practice and demonstrating your value and dedication to helping your clients meet their financial goals. Wayne Badorf, CFP®, CFS®, and Jon Lagerstedt provide best practices.

    Wayne Badorf: I’ve seen a lot of newsfeeds coming in my email inbox about the likely proposal by the current administration to toughen the fiduciary standard for financial advisors. As I read that, I began to think, “What is the value a client is getting when they see their financial advisor?”

    Jon Lagerstedt: Wayne, that’s a great question. One of those quotes from President Obama to the AARP was, “Middle class economics means that Americans should be able to retire with dignity after a lifetime of hard work. But today, the rules of the road do not ensure that financial advisors act in the best interest of their clients when they give retirement investment advice. And it’s hurting millions of working and middle class families.”

    If I’m a retail client and I read the comments that the president has, it might make me think, “Are all advisors this way? Are they all charging too much money?” And I wonder if there’s a way for a financial advisor to rethink how they’re positioning themselves.