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    Income Generator: Increasing return for cash investors

    Today’s podcast features a discussion about what fixed-income investors with lots of cash on hand can do to increase their return potential. In today’s low-yield world, we’ll be talking about how extending maturity and taking more credit risk can be used. To discuss, we’re talking with Michael Rodgers, Senior Portfolio Specialist at Wells Fargo Asset Management (WFAM).

    Income Generator: Political implications for fixed income

    It’s been a big week for financial markets with the U.S. election, several central bank meetings—including the Federal Reserve (Fed), and ongoing pressure from COVID-19. The increased prospect of an orderly transfer of presidential power in the U.S. along with a politically divided U.S. Congress, ongoing central bank support, and hopes for a COVID-19 vaccine all conspired to create a surge in riskier assets and a sell-off in low-risk assets. For fixed-income investors, the short takeaway is the pre-election trends of a steeper yield curve, a weaker U.S. dollar, and tighter credit spreads reasserted themselves and are likely to continue into year-end.