Woman meeting with financial advisor

Best practices of premier advisors and teams, part 2 of 4. Learn how top advisors grow their businesses.

Wayne Badorf: Today, we discuss part 2 of our four-part series on best practices of premier advisors and teams. I’m Wayne Badorf.

Jon Lagerstedt: And I’m Jon Lagerstedt.

Wayne: And this is The Essential Practice. Jon, we are pleased to have our guests back with us: Matt Lobas and Scott Engroff, both divisional sales managers with Wells Fargo Asset Management. Gentlemen, welcome!

Scott Engroff: Glad to be back, Wayne.

Matt Lobas: Thank you very much.

Wayne: Well, last time we kicked off this four-part series talking about an introduction to this presentation that the two of you have written. During that introduction, you talked about three core components premier advisors look at. And today, I want to take time and talk about the first one for us. But before we do that, remind us what you mean by premier advisor.