Green gilts get a warm reception

The U.K. government issued its first “green gilt” this week. The government was looking to raise 10 billion pounds from the bond sale. Investors submitted bids for more than 100 billion pounds, showing a massive appetite for this type of bond. A bid-to-cover ratio of over 10 times is rather impressive! What is a green gilt, and what can we learn about the future of the types of bonds governments might issue?

Is now the time to consider value in emerging market equities?

For most of the past decade, growth stocks have benefited from a low-growth, low-interest-rate environment. This has been true across both developed and emerging markets, and many growth-oriented stocks have benefited further in the wake of the pandemic. However, the global growth/value cycle may have turned in late 2020, leading to significant outperformance of value stocks since. We think this style reversion may have some legs, particularly among emerging market equities. This article explains why now may be an opportune time to favor a value orientation in emerging markets.