South Asia’s rising water risks

In today’s edition of On the Trading Desk®, Manju Boraiah, Senior Portfolio Manager and Global Head of Systematic Fixed Income, and Limin Xiao, Portfolio Manager for Systematic Fixed Income, discuss the issue of rising water risks in South Asia, its potential impact on different sectors of the region’s economy, and the framework they use to quantify these risks.

Seeing the forest and the trees in a yield-starved environment

This episode features a discussion about the fixed-income markets and considerations investors may need to balance with their desire for income in a low-yield world. Janet Rilling, Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of Multi Sector – Plus & High Yield on our Global Fixed Income Team, discusses the opportunities and risks she sees for investors.

The delisting of Chinese stocks and its implications

With news headlines centered on the delisting of Chinese stocks as a result of actions from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) prescribed by the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act, we have Elaine Tse, Portfolio Manager with the SF Global Emerging Markets Equity Team, on the program today to discuss the implications.

Having fun yet? You should be—Real estate has even more room to run

This episode features a discussion around why real estate continues to remain an attractive area of investment, despite higher prices and the pandemic. To discuss this topic and more are Garth Newport, Senior Portfolio Manager, and Joe Bachmann, Senior Research Analyst with the Private Market Value (PMV) Equity Team.