India in Person: Watching a Transformation Unfold

During a trip to India, visits to a shopping mall and the basement of a jewelry store provide unique perspectives on the Indian economy and consumer experience.
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Going global

The global investment grade credit universe (GIGC) far exceeds local submarkets in size and scope and a GIGC strategy may unlock value through diversification and currency inefficiencies.
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Negative bond yields: Try to stay positive

Key insights: The amount of global bonds trading at negative yields continues to rise and has accelerated recently. There are a number of reasons why investors continue to hold and
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Munis and motorcycles

A visit to the Harley-Davidson Museum ignited the idea of how munis may help insurers navigate new regulations and late-cycle investing.
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Believing in Brazil

Before arriving in Brazil (and after the seven inoculations I had to get before traveling), I thought hard about what to expect from my first trip to a Latin American country. Would I see poverty next to wealth? Would people be accepting of foreign visitors? What if I got lost in São Paolo?