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Five questions to ask your students about paying for college

There are several basic things your students need to have done in order to stay on track with their financial aid for their first college semester. Here’s a checklist of questions that can get them started in the right direction.

Have you completed your FAFSA?

Students will receive the bulk of their free federal aid after completing this application. And more students than ever are eligible for Federal Pell Grants – so finding aid may not be as much of a deterrent as it has been in the past.

Have you received your Student Aid Report?

This document will give students the basic information about their financial aid eligibility. They will need to cross-reference the information to make sure it’s correct and complete.

Have you kept applying for scholarships?

Students can search their top schools for relevant scholarships and also check the extensive database at Tuition Funding Sources. Students should continue searching and applying for additional scholarship opportunities even after getting accepted.

Have you turned in your promissory note?

Many students may not realize that loans may require a promissory note, which is a legal document in which they promise to repay their loans and any accrued interest and fees.

Who is your support team?

Whether it’s a parent, a guardian, or a mentor, students need to have a team of people who are invested in their future. One of these people may also be able to cosign student loan documents, if the student is in need of loans to pay for college.

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