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Don’t let the ball drop now

By now you may know exactly what senioritis is, and seen its identifying traits: lack of follow-through on assignments; an unwillingness to motivate; and a shift in focus, where personal accomplishment becomes secondary to relaxing with friends. Even if you haven’t caught senioritis, the odds are good that some of your classmates have, and slacking comes with consequences.

Colleges do reserve the right to rescind, or take back, their invitations based on your final semester scores. And that could mean giving up what you’ve worked for, then scrambling to find a university that will accept you at the last minute.

We want you to stay on track for college, so we’ve put together this checklist of upcoming milestones to help you finish strong.

Finish reviewing your award letters

As you narrow your final decision, money matters. Sit down with your family and weigh the pros and cons of your financial aid packages. Try out this online tool for simple side-by-side comparisons.

Visit your top-choice schools.

You may have already taken tours of your favorite colleges. But if you haven’t had that opportunity, or are feeling divided in your decision, now’s a great time to hit the open road.
While you’re there, make sure to check out the facilities. Sit in on a class. And by all means, sniff out the cafeteria. Some of those things may seem frivolous, but your happiness is important, and you can’t tell how engaging professors are, how friendly classmates seem, or how comfortable a dorm room feels from a website.

Waitlisted? Keep trying. (If you want to).

If you get wait-listed at the school you really want, don’t give up. Call, visit, and ask what you can do to improve your odds of making the final cut. But make sure you have somewhere to go for Fall, because the best school is the one that wants you.

Tell that lucky school that you’re coming.

You’ll need to give your school a commitment and deposit by the deadline they set, so make sure your postmark makes the cut.

Let other schools know you won’t be attending.

It would be easy to get excited about your college choice and forget about the other schools that accepted you. But remember: your second-choice university could be someone else’s dream school. Let them know you aren’t coming, so they can free up your seat.

Request your final transcripts be sent to your chosen college

Speak with your school counselor and make sure you fill out a transcript request form so they know when and where to send your final scores.

Study for and take any final AP exams

Keep studying. Stay focused. And take your final AP exams by the summer so you’ll start your freshman year ahead of the pack.

And remember, life can get hectic as you move toward college, so set calendar reminders for all of your important deadlines. It’s a great way to position yourself for success.

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