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Making the most of your winter break

With all that you have going on, the time away from school for winter break is more than just time to hang out with family and friends. It is also a great time to think ahead about college: including how you can wrap up college-related tasks you haven’t finished yet. Just as importantly, take this time to have some meaningful conversations with your parents about college.

Play catch up.

Got some college or scholarship applications that aren’t complete? Take some time over winter break to get them done. When your busy second semester starts, you’ll be glad you did.

Talk about money.

Once you’re in college, you’ll probably be taking more responsibility for money management. Talk with your parents about what they expect. Which expenses will you be responsible for? Will they be helping out with any costs? Will you need to get a job during the school year? What if you run low on cash mid-semester? It’s definitely better to have this talk now, rather than when you’re on the way to college next fall.

How do you see your college life?

How do you picture yourself at college? Will you be living on or off-campus?  Are you thinking about joining a fraternity or sorority?  Will you be joining any clubs or activities?  Talk over your ideas with your parents.  Some of these decisions have financial implications, others may just impact your time and energy for school. Your parents may have some insights to help you decide how to shape your college experience, and things to consider which may not have crossed your mind yet.

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