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The B-word (shiver)

My favorite time of day used to be getting my mail. When I was a freshman in college it seemed as though my mother had enlisted her entire address book to send me mail. There were fun cards and letters,… Continue reading

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Charge it?

Last week, both Barbara and Pam posted about credit cards. Their topic couldn’t have been more timely: The University of Minnesota recently announced that it would begin accepting credit cards as payment for tuition . University officials say that their decision… Continue reading


So many credit cards … so much trouble

I spend about 10 hours a week trying to come up with fun, exciting, captivating new ways (although there is really nothing new anymore) to talk with students about being smart with credit cards. Yes, I do have a life… Continue reading

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Credit cards! Who wants a credit card?

When you get to campus in the fall, the credit card offers aren’t far behind you. In some cases, they might beat you to the Student Union. The first credit card I got I was coaxed into. A fraternity on… Continue reading


Everybody’s gotta start somewhere

Once I graduated from college, it took me awhile to come up with a game plan. But since I didn’t have any student loan debt (see my earlier confession), and because my mother let me stay with her rent-free for… Continue reading

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A crisis call

The following is an actual conversation that took place between me and my stepdaughter the other day: Daughter(calling from campus): “I need you to put some money in my checking account. I just paid for my books.GUESS how much they… Continue reading

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My dirty little secret

OK, since I’m talking to you about student loans, I’d better come clean. Deep breath. Here goes: I didn’t borrow any money for college. I know, I know. But hear me out. When I was a high school junior, I… Continue reading


The lowdown on the LoanDown

You may be wondering: What’s The Student LoanDown? Well, it’s your place in the blogosphere to talk about borrowing money for college—brought to you by Wells Fargo. Sure, I can hear you already: “Wells Fargo? What’s a big financial services… Continue reading

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Keepin’ it real (world)

Personal Health, American Indian History, Constitutional Law—all are classes I’m not taking. But my roommate is. He recently registered for fall semester classes. As I was helping him organize when he should take what, I got just a lil’ bit… Continue reading