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In your interest

My niece is already getting ready for college next fall—her test scores are in, the acceptance letter is taped to the mirror in her bedroom, and now we are working our way through student loans. As we were discussing her… Continue reading

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The most wonderful time of the year?

It’s that time of year. I’m not talking about the holiday season . No, what I’m speaking of is likely the antithesis of this light-decorated, tree-trimmed, cheerful season that is upon us. It’s the time of the year when May graduates… Continue reading

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My bad

Earlier this month I had an extremely hectic travel schedule and—gasp!—failed to respond to this post’s two comments: Hi, I am a prospective student looking to return to school to get my degree. My situation is this: I am married… Continue reading

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Share a little, get a little

Since I moved back to South Dakota six years ago, I no longer have to travel at Thanksgiving. But I clearly remember the times that I did brave the airlines or the roads for turkey, green bean casserole , pumpkin pie… Continue reading

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My savings plan

In a previous post, I told you I was going to try to save for my unexpected expenses. A goal everyone should have. Update time! In my quest for that cushion of savings, there was a change in my plans—a… Continue reading


Are you ready for the real world?

No, I’m not wondering if you prepared your audition tape for MTV. The real “real world” is lurking just around the corner for you December graduates. I’m wondering—do you feel confident that you’ll be able to land a job in… Continue reading

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I, [insert name], take you, student loan

There is a period in your life when you are bombarded with poofy white dresses and tuxedos. It’s called your mid-20s. I’m there. I went to seven weddings this year, and a throng of my friends are getting engaged. Weddings… Continue reading


The perfect care package

Getting care packages is one of the primary perks of being a college student. I know that. It’s supposed to help make up for the fact that you live in a 10′ x 10′ dorm room with only a microwave… Continue reading


Credit card or debit card: my payment dilemma

I don’t know about you, but I am often in a shopping dilemma—do I use my credit card to buy this, or do I use my debit card? Do I want to pay for this over time (plus interest), or… Continue reading


What’s scary about being a college student?

I was a college student for Halloween this year. And not just any student—my former college roommate and I actually went to a costume party this year dressed as ourselves as freshmen, circa 1989. “Why?” You may ask. Is there… Continue reading

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