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Waxing nostalgic

Sometimes, I wish I were still in college. But more often than not, and especially at this hectic time of year, I’m thankful that part of my life is behind me. Not too long ago I had a dream—more of… Continue reading

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How are you spending your winter break?

Right now, many of you college students are just easing into a month-long vacation . Well deserved, of course. But believe me, those of us in the workin’ world are extremely jealous of you right now (none of us can remember… Continue reading

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I’m just a … loan

You know what I miss about my childhood? Saturday morning cartoons. The Muppet Babies, Garfield and Friends, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were up there on my list of must-watch shows. But my favorite—being the self-proclaimed knowledge nerd that I… Continue reading

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The simple things

Last month, I posted about care packages and my struggle to come up with a really good one for my stepdaughter. Well, this is her finals week . So last week I found myself aimlessly meandering the aisles of Target® (one… Continue reading


Fees for filing your FAFSA … say that five times fast

When you move into a new place, inevitably you find out things about previous occupants. In my move, what I found out was in the mailbox. Judging from all the catalogs I’ve been receiving, I’ve gathered that the former resident… Continue reading


Helicopter or helpful parent?

In a post last week from Barbara, she talked about helicopter parents . I’ve been thinking about the same topic lately, but from the other side of the fence … wondering if I AM a helicopter parent. When my stepdaughter was… Continue reading


Movin’ on up

So, Staci has already told you about the experience of being my second opinion in my search for a “Barbara apartment.” And now, the keys are in my hand—a very exciting Big Girl moment (those keep sneaking up on me)…. Continue reading

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She’s gonna make it after all

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I did something I hadn’t done since 1998: I shopped for apartments. Not for me. For Barbara! Now that she is gainfully employed, Barbara has decided to move out of the house she shares with roommates and… Continue reading

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Is financial aid for you?

“No, I won’t qualify. My parents make too much money.” Have you ever heard that comment? It’s a common misconception. Lots of students and their parents mistakenly assume that all financial aid is based on your income. (Check out Staci’s… Continue reading

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