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529s, custodial accounts, and financial aid

Parents, last week there was a great article  in the New York Times with tips on organizing your finances to make the most of qualifying for need-based financial aid. This information may be especially helpful to those who have younger… Continue reading

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Making the best of student loan repayment

We recently received a good question from someone who’s in the midst of his student loan repayment and is wondering about his options. Since many of you might be in a similar situation, I thought I’d post the answer here…. Continue reading



Ladies and gentlemen, grab your hats and blow out your party horns—it’s almost my birthday! I turn 23 years old on Sunday. Birthdays  are classic evaluation points in one’s life. You sit back and think: Is this where I… Continue reading

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Scholarship tips

I came across a story in The Daily Times of Salisbury, Md., by Anne Ryman with Gannett News Service listing things to consider  during a college scholarship search. You parents and soon-to-be collegians might find the article helpful in… Continue reading

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In the Interim

For four years in the 1990s, as soon as I returned to campus from winter break, I started Interim . Does your school offer Interim? It’s a concentrated academic session for the month of January. (Some colleges call it January term… Continue reading

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Internships, part deux

So, I’ve already told you how I spent my winter breaks in college searching and applying for internships. To recap why they’re a good thing : Internship = better opportunities = better pay/benefits = brighter financial future. Got it? Good. Now,… Continue reading

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It’s internship time!

After Staci got me waxing nostalgic about the winter breaks I had during college, I thought I should share a break experience that might benefit you. While I did take a generous portion of my break to sleep, eat Christmas… Continue reading

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Are you in the right major?

Most college students change their major at least once during their college career. And you probably know some people who’ve extended their four-year stay in school to five or maybe six years because they couldn’t settle on a major. There’s… Continue reading


Student loan, mortgage, or both?

In November, a Student LoanDown reader, Karen, asked this really smart question: Hi, I am a prospective student looking to return to school to get my degree. My situation is this: I am married with two small children. We rent… Continue reading


Don’t stop with the FAFSA

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been spending a lot of time discussing the FAFSA  (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which is a great place to begin your financial aid journey. But don’t stop there. Recently I came… Continue reading

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