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Remember your quarters

During my freshman year of college, I lived in a co-ed dorm: Nye Hall . It wasn’t my first choice of dormitories, but it was my first year away from home, which meant anything was going to be the bomb-diggity. I… Continue reading


I sent in my FAFSA—now what?

If you’re a high school senior and completely on top of your financial aid planning, you’ve probably already sent in your FAFSA  (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). In fact, you might have already received your Student Aid Report  (SAR)…. Continue reading

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Seek and ye shall find (a college)

I’ve been encouraging one of my coworkers to blog about searching for colleges. Not for him—he already has a degree from Texas Tech —but for his daughter, who is a high school junior. They’ve been taking the last couple of weekends… Continue reading

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College admissions series on NPR

Driving into work this morning, I heard something on the radio that piqued my interest—and might be of interest to you. It’s a National Public Radio  series called The College Admissions Game . From what I’ve heard so far (and seen… Continue reading

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The minor details

I’m a writer. I majored in journalism. But you know what my favorite college class was? Not News Editing, Photojournalism, or Digital Imaging (although those were great classes). My favorite class was Criminal Law—incredibly challenging, but still my favorite. Elements… Continue reading

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Tax time help

At tax time, sometimes it actually pays to be a student. There are various tax deductions and savings opportunities that both students and parents should know about when filing their taxes. Check out our tax guide for students and parents… Continue reading

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Smells like teen spirit

Twenty-three-year-old Barbara enjoys ribbing me about my age. Case in point: Last month when I posted about my interim experiences, she took one look at the photo and burst out laughing. "Nice flannel," she guffawed, gasping for breath. "Sure smells… Continue reading


Our Valentine to you

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we at the Student LoanDown team would like to honor our readers with a little sweet sentiment of our own: It’s true—we wear our (candy conversation) hearts on our sleeves! But seriously, we think you’re… Continue reading

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The scholarship game

In high school, I was a very competitive person. OK, I still am—my friends hate to play certain board games  with me because, well, I scare them. What made me even more competitive in high school was my quest for… Continue reading

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To all the new readers

Now is the time that soon-to-be college freshmen start delving into the financial aid process. If you’ve stumbled across the Student LoanDown while doing a bit of research about financing higher education, welcome! We’re glad you found us! This blog—as… Continue reading

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