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Making contact

Recently we had a good question from one of our readers, Pam: How do I go about contacting my lenders?? I see the "notify your lender(s)" things everywhere, but nobody actually tells me how to do this!! Sometimes we do… Continue reading

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More on money for grad school

Recently I posted some information on financing grad school in response to a question from one of our readers. In addition to the information in that post, here’s a guide to financing graduate school  put out by the National Association… Continue reading

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To consolidate or not to consolidate?

That is the question … on a lot of graduates’ minds this time of year. Most May graduates are in a grace period on their federal loans right now—and their decision to consolidate  their student loans should be made before… Continue reading

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You could win money for college!

I have some great news to share: We just launched our Wells Fargo College Scholarship Sweepstakes, which means we’re giving away money for tuition! This summer, Wells Fargo Student Loans is giving away $25,000—a grand prize scholarship of $10,000 and… Continue reading

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Nests, branches and trees

Over the past year, I’ve done a lot of growing up. Examples here, here and here … and I think my parents are having a tough time with it. Five years ago, I left the nest and headed off to… Continue reading


Your new best friend

If you’re about to graduate from college, congratulations! And, if you’ve taken out student loans , guess what? You have a new best friend. If you took out federal loans , you may have already been through an “exit counseling”  session. That’s… Continue reading

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My diploma had other plans

After Barbara and Caroline shared their post-graduation stories last week, I figured it was only fair that I tell you mine, too. So I wrote this long post filled with pomp and circumstance  about how my plans didn’t pan out… Continue reading


My vision, my reality

When you started college, you probably had a vision of how the future would play out: four years of college, a fabulous graduation celebration, two weeks to regroup, and then you’d move into a great new apartment and start your… Continue reading


Moving (back) into the dorms

I love questions. I’m very inquisitive, and I love giving people information. But there is one question that really grinds my gears: ""What are you doing after graduation?"  I absolutely loathed that question last year, because it was a question… Continue reading

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Two, four, six, eight … who do we appreciate?

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week . Since education is at the heart of this blog, I thought I’d share a few memories about teachers who made an impact on me. Will you share yours, too? My first teacher—technically—was my mom. When… Continue reading

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