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Take it to the limit

After July 1, you’ll have an even bigger reason to apply for federal aid—increased Federal Stafford Loan  limits. In case you need a couple of reminders why it’s a good idea to max out your federal funding before turning to… Continue reading

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How did you choose your college?

On Monday, Staci posted about an article on "College Selection Hysteria." I’ve heard a lot about this since I started working in the student loan industry, and it’s fascinated me. When I chose my college—some 18 years ago—not only was… Continue reading


The ‘College Selection Hysteria’ phenomenon

Calling all soon-to-be high school juniors and their parents! Last week I came across a great article  about College Selection Hysteria—also known as CSH—in the Annapolis Capital. Here’s what the author (and licensed clinical psychologist) Dr. Scott E. Smith had… Continue reading

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42 seconds of pure ecstasy … followed by four months of pain

To this day I can remember getting my first credit card as a freshman in college! I ripped open the envelope and thought—EUREKA!—I’m in the dough now. In record speed I was at the local shopping mall  to use that… Continue reading

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How to spend $37 at McDonald’s without even trying

No, this is not the story of how I ate 10 Big Macs® . This is a cautionary tale for anyone with a bank account. My stepdaughter learned a critical banking lesson—the hard way—a couple weeks ago. She generally keeps a… Continue reading


Eats on the cheap

One adjustment students need to make at this time of year is mastering a food budget. When you’re living on campus with a meal plan, food might not cross your mind. But when you’re on your own completing a summer… Continue reading

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It’s hard to be friends with Barbara

When your friends are at different life stages—or different economic stages—than you are, sometimes it’s a bit of a struggle. Twelve and a half years separate me and Barbara (it’s true—I could’ve been her babysitter). So I’m a little older,… Continue reading

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I’m Spending How Much?

This week I have been attempting to respond to a recent comment made on my “Oh brother (he’s on his own)” post. Try as I might, the reply continues to lengthen. I really want to give this comment a thorough… Continue reading

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Raising my hand with consolidation questions

I’m a sucker for breaking the awkward silence. If a professor waited long enough after asking a question in college, I would always pipe up. Well, if I kind of knew the answer. I asked y’all for questions about student… Continue reading


I want it NOW!

Remember the self-absorbed, spoiled Veruca Salt from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” ? In the first film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book (which I was a wee bit obsessed with in my youth), Veruca sang my favorite song, "I Want… Continue reading

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