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Portrait of a (senior) portrait

If you’re going to be a high school senior this fall, it’s likely that you’ve already completed a time-honored tradition: senior portraits . Senior portraits have evolved from the traditional head-and-shoulders shots marking a student’s graduation year to full-blown fashion shoots… Continue reading


How’s your summer job going?

Since summer is more than half over (so sad!)—I’m wondering how your summer job has been going? I’m thinking about it because my stepdaughter is having a much better job experience this year compared with last. Last summer she was… Continue reading

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Get moving with the help of newlyweds

It’s official: I’m a married woman. And big changes are happening, starting with my name. I opted to take my husband’s last name. My husband. I’m still getting used to that word and also introducing myself as Rachel Curran. Speaking… Continue reading

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Reflecting on my mortgage

So I’ll be completely honest with you: Closing on my house was very anticlimactic. It wasn’t an event loaded with great excitement—certainly no balloons or party horns. And it didn’t leave me with a feeling of deep responsibility while a… Continue reading

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Autograph, get key, move, enjoy

I am happy to share my big news with you, Student LoanDown readers—I’ve officially put the label "apartment dweller" behind me! That’s right: I’m a homeowner. And as proof, I’m sharing some pictures of the steps I took to get… Continue reading


Life has limits–you gotta obey ’em

During my freshman year of college, I got my first introduction to the reality of limits. Speed limits. On my way back to Texas A&M University  from San Antonio after Thanksgiving break, I didn’t have a care in the world… Continue reading

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Top five tips for moving off-campus

As I mentioned in a previous post, my stepdaughter, Steph, is renting her first house with some friends this summer. I think she’s loving it so far—but it’s definitely been a learning experience. And it’s gotten me remembering some things… Continue reading

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A ginormous step for language

It happened earlier this week: Dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster announced it was adding nearly 100 new words  to its CollGegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition. Two of these words—"DVR"  and "ginormous" —have been rolling off my tongue for some time now. For those who… Continue reading

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Financial aid folks are good nuts

This week I’m in our nation’s capital—Washington, D.C.—attending the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators  conference. It’s unbearably hot and humid. The weather is triggering memories of the two Julys I lived here—when I’d walk the four blocks to my… Continue reading


What do you want to be when you grow up?

For me, the answer isn’t as easy as it was when I was a 10-year-old. Back then, I wanted to be a marine biologist —never mind my inability to swim without a nose plug and the obvious geographical hindrance, being in… Continue reading

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