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Working or not?

For a number of my friends, formal education didn’t stop at our undergraduate commencement. Many are now taking graduate level classes towards a master’s degree. Some are taking classes on top of a full-time job, some are working part-time and… Continue reading

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Kickstart your college scholarship search

Anyone interested in free money for college? Scholarships aren’t always easy to come by, but they’re definitely worth the effort. If you’re a high school senior, you should begin your scholarship search now. Deadlines come up very quickly, and some… Continue reading

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On-campus decadence?

I just returned from a quick business trip to Las Vegas , the city of ultimate decadence. But not to worry — much to my mother’s chagrin (she loves to play the penny slots), I didn’t gamble a cent. While I… Continue reading

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Money doesn’t grow on trees

A funny story comes to mind about my son when he was about 5 years old. He assumed that since Mommy works at a bank, she can just get money out anytime she wants. Oh, if it were only that… Continue reading

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How I made $600 without even trying

“Pssst! Hey, buddy, can I interest you in some free cash?” Most people would run away or think, “Yeah, right. What’s the catch?” But earlier this year, I did indeed get a check for $600 – and I didn’t have… Continue reading

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What it takes

Most students head off to college full of anticipation. Your life’s finally getting started, you’ve got a newfound independence and you’re on way to a real career. I hate to be a Debbie Downer  here, but despite all those high… Continue reading


Where did summer go? On the credit card?

What was our big summer trip this year? We didn’t go Costa Maya, Costa Brava , or Costa Rica — but it sure did “costa lotta!” Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. Our family vacation was a road trip to “The Happiest… Continue reading

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Back-to-school blues

I used to love back-to-school time. Now, I still share Staci’s love of school supplies, but as a parent, “back to school” time can be hard sometimes. The first time you send your kid off to school it’s tough —… Continue reading


The student loan I almost borrowed

A while back I told a reader that I’d faced my own Stafford Loan conundrum in college. If you’ve been reading the Student LoanDown for a while, you know I didn’t take on any student loan debt to attend college,… Continue reading


No gifts, please

Today the Student LoanDown blog celebrates its first anniversary! A year ago, I wasn’t sure if we’d reach this milestone. I strongly believed in our blog and its mission, but I was concerned that a Wells Fargo blog about education… Continue reading