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Trick or treat!

Happy Halloween from the Student LoanDown! This year, we offer no clever costumes, festive parties, or spooky effects — just a heartfelt wish that your holiday is filled with more treats than tricks. Healthy or not, that’s how we get… Continue reading

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A cautionary tale, part 3

Eventually Charlie’s* transcripts were released and he obtained his degree — summa cum laude  and Phi Beta Kappa  — from the University of Minnesota. I told you he was smart! But with the degree and all its honors came a… Continue reading

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A cautionary tale, part 2

After Charlie* embarked on his Ivy League adventure, he thrived. But unbeknownst to him, money was a problem. Charlie, did you know that you had outstanding tuition bills? For the year and a half I was at school, I had… Continue reading


A cautionary tale, part 1

It’s October, which means that high school seniors all around the country have begun their college searches in earnest. They’re taking entrance exams, filling out applications, visiting campuses, and setting their hearts on particular schools. But are they thinking about… Continue reading

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Navigating the Financial Blogosphere

Looking for more guidance on preparing to pay and actually paying for college, as well as general personal finance information on a variety of subjects? (If you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing that you’re interested in these topics!) There’s a… Continue reading


Changing your banking ways

I’m a conflicted frump  (see definition #2). On the one hand, I’m kind of resistant to new things, especially when it comes to technology. But on the other hand, once a friend starts to sell me on it, I’m pretty… Continue reading

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Anyone for Green Rewards?

The other day as I was dropping off my daughter at her kindergarten class, I ran into my friend Dave’s family. I was surprised to see them all — mom, daughter, and son — riding their bikes to school! As… Continue reading

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That Bank I Am

In remembrance of one of my favorite writers of children’s stories, I dedicate this post to Theodor Seuss Geisel , also known as Dr. Seuss  (03/02/1904 – 09/24/1991).     That Bank I Am With tuition rising, Costs of books, You’d… Continue reading

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Suze Orman has me on financial lockdown

My best friend Charlie*, who lives in Minneapolis, was recently home for a visit. When he’s in town, it’s dangerous for both of our pocketbooks. We love to hit the local antique and secondhand stores, drink grande nonfat no-whip mochas,… Continue reading


A bit of a fall break

Fall is pretty much my favorite time of year. The cool air, changing colors and leaves crunching under my feet…ahhh, love it. This fall I’m taking a bit of a break, so I wanted to let The Student LoanDown blog… Continue reading

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