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Here Wii go again…

In my first post, I mentioned the trials and tribulations my son has had to experience by not being a part of the “Wii”  crowd. As the holidays approach, my son reminds me almost daily of how great it would… Continue reading

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Lessons from my DVR

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I ate a lot of pie and watched a lot of TV. In fact, I’m now down to 47% capacity on my DVR (anytime I get below 50% is a big accomplishment for me). I got… Continue reading

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‘Tis the season to go shopping

One thing I’ve done is make my holiday gift list. Man, it’s long!! All I could think was, “How much am I going to spend this holiday? Can I afford to get something for everyone on my list?” To that… Continue reading

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Oh, PLEASE let it be for me!

Calling all closet performers, The Music Man  fans, and karaoke lovers: The Wells Fargo wagon is a-coming down the street! Only a week remains for you to enter our Center Stage in the Rose Parade®  music video contest! Make your… Continue reading

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Parents: Time for “the talk”

Calling all parents of high school seniors! It’s now time to take on a not-so-fun parental duty. It’s time to have “the talk” with your senior: that uncomfortable discussion about college costs and their future ability to repay their student… Continue reading

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Not too late for spring semester

Last month we launched our “Ask the Expert” tool — and since then, your questions have been steadily rolling in. At first I was surprised by the number of inquiries we received this way. I thought the Student LoanDown community… Continue reading


On advice and advisors

We start this post in my cardiologist’s office, and we’ll finish in a financial aid office. Earlier this year, after a number of routine tests, I sat in an exam room waiting for my doctor. It’s a visit I make… Continue reading


Should the ACT be mandatory?

Do you think the ACT test  should be mandatory for all high school students? Currently a few states do require that students take the ACT. Why? It serves as another way to assess students, and some probably see a side… Continue reading

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Break’s over!

Nothing makes a girl go crazy like a month without blogging (coupled with a month of “house arrest” for surgery recovery)! I’m glad to let Student LoanDown readers know I’m back and doing well. And I have lots of fresh… Continue reading


More than meets the eye

Last weekend I decided to extend my personal Friday cubical dance party into the weekend by volunteering at a local high school dance. It was so great to see students releasing their pent up energy into the rhythm of the… Continue reading

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