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She’s making a list (all the time)

I’m one of those people who make a list for everything. By the end of the week, I have a sizable collection of post-it notes in my purse ranging from new websites to check out to funny words or quotes… Continue reading

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Some Stafford changes for 2008

As always, just as you’re finishing up finals and easing into your winter break, somebody has to come along and remind you about your upcoming responsibilities: It’s almost time to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)! Yes,… Continue reading


Increased loan limits for grad school

Student LoanDown readers, I’m pleased to share another question and answer series with you from Ask the Expert: I am starting graduate school in the Srping of 2008 and going full time. My intended graduation date is May, 2009. I… Continue reading



Thank goodness for higher credit limits. In late November an ominous alert light appeared on my dashboard—low coolant. After a trip to the service department, I had to participate in all the holiday gift-giving and get myself some Christmas presents—a… Continue reading


Oh, the shame

Today, there’s no beating around the bush. I’m just going to put it all out there. I accrued a finance charge. And I am ashamed. You see, I pay off my credit card balance in full every month. I never… Continue reading

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Wait to consolidate?

Right now, student loan consolidation may be on the minds of many student loan borrowers. If you graduated in May, your loans are probably coming out of their grace period right about now. Some of you may already have made… Continue reading


Money is useless!

The other day, I overheard my 7-year old son telling my 9-year old daughter that he’s learned that money is useless. His reasoning? “Even though I have money, mommy won’t let me buy Pokemon  cards at the store!” Hmmm. That’s… Continue reading


Beware of “great deals”

Now that we are fully into the holiday shopping season, I have to admit, I’m feeling kind of ignorant about how college students treat Christmas shopping these days. My college junior stepdaughter is not a big shopper in general, and… Continue reading

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