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Leaps of faith

2008 is a leap year , and today, it’s leap day . Apparently, we’re now astronomically in synch. Whew, some sort of calendar crisis has been averted! I don’t claim to know much about leap years, but lately I have been thinking… Continue reading

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Another good user guide (You asked for it!)

A couple of weeks ago, our good friend Staci shared a useful resource related to checking accounts and received a comment requesting something similar for credit cards. Well, look no further! The Student Guide to Good Credit, Smart Moves Today… Continue reading


No more student loans?

In January, I wrote about some colleges reducing tuition costs for families below certain income levels. I thought it was an interesting topic, and it seemed like a rather novel idea at the time, but it didn’t generate any discussion…. Continue reading

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Your online persona: friend or foe?

What does your online persona say about you? Let me clarify here, because I’m not talking about your avatar in a virtual world or your online dating profile. What I mean is this: Would a web search reveal any skeletons… Continue reading

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College money management at The Simple Dollar

Student LoanDown readers: I have a great link to share with you from one of my favorite personal finance bloggers, Trent at The Simple Dollar . The blog covers a wide range of personal finance topics. Today he wrote an awesome… Continue reading

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Lower student loan interest rates?

By now, you’ve likely heard a little (or a lot) about the state of the economy — including the Federal Reserve decision to drop several key interest rates. Have you thought about how these changes will affect your student loans?… Continue reading


To spring break, or not to spring break?

I was talking with a co-worker the other day who was telling me all about his vacation plans this year…how he had planned everything at the end of 2007 and had made all of his flight and hotel arrangements already…. Continue reading

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It’s Financial Aid Awareness Month!

Did you know that there’s a lot more to this February than Black History Month, Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day weekend, and Leap Day ? It’s also Financial Aid Awareness Month, which we certainly would be remiss not to acknowledge… Continue reading

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Bill’s bills

For many animal lovers it’s natural to want a pet of your own once you are able to house and afford one. I’ve always been a cat person, so it was only a matter of time before I found a… Continue reading

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A good user guide is hard to find

A couple of months ago, I finally got a BlackBerry® . I had resisted for a long time, much as I had resisted getting a cell phone (it took me until 2002!). But I spend a fair amount traveling and in… Continue reading