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Student loans for international students

Just like many U.S. students choose to spend time studying abroad, many international students choose to study in the United States. Here are two great resources for students considering traveling to the U.S. to further their education: educationUSA — advising… Continue reading


Want to get away?

Editor’s note: Peter Kim is our first official guest author on the Student LoanDown blog. A graduate of the University of California at Riverside, Peter is a Client Relationship Officer with Wells Fargo International Personal Banking. He enjoys telling people… Continue reading

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The budget is sinking

When it comes to my finances, every cent is accounted for somewhere in my budget. Usually, I cut it pretty close due to my savings goals, some debts and my choice to spend more on housing. In general, I run… Continue reading

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A spring break alternative

I’m very intrigued by the concept of Alternative Spring Break , which encourages young adults (18- to 24-year-olds) to engage in meaningful volunteer service instead of heading for the beach to party. Generally the programs run in late February and throughout… Continue reading

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Workin’ hard for the money

We’ve talked before about what to do once you’ve completed the FAFSA. Have your received your award packages (the next step) from your colleges yet? If so, I bet many of your schools gave you a chance for some “free… Continue reading

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Check out this latest question we received through our Ask the Expert tool from Lynette, a concerned mother: My daughter just received an application for a Stafford loan and they told her she would need to find the financial institution… Continue reading

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A tale of two cards

I have a shameful story to share. It’s shameful because I pride myself on being financially responsible…and passing on tips of financial responsibility to you readers. About a month ago, while standing at the Younkers  counter about to purchase some… Continue reading

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New car dreamin’

I saw my dream car  on the way to work today. While idling at a red light about 6 blocks from work, my eye drifted over to the car on my right. And there she was…Galaxy Gray Metallic with an… Continue reading

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Remembering Vincent

The Student LoanDown lost one of its own this past weekend. Our blog designer and friend, the fabulously talented Vincent Lau, passed away on Saturday. To put it plainly, we’re devastated. I’m usually overflowing with words, but these days I’m… Continue reading



I recently came down with the cold/flu bug that everyone seems to be sharing this month. While glued to my couch with my “supplies” (Odwalla, applesauce, Emergen-C, biscuits and soup), I watched an unhealthy amount of television &mdash including every… Continue reading

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