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Would you do it all over again?

College is expensive , there’s no doubt about that. But is it worth the cost? A whopping 92% of college grads say yes, according to a recent survey  by the American Council on Education. Interestingly, while those surveyed believe that their… Continue reading

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“Spending” your summer

Anyone else excited for the unofficial start of summer after yesterday’s holiday?  Personally, my excitement is fueled by the return of white shoes and linen pants to my wardrobe rotation! 🙂 I’m only half kidding — I’m old school like… Continue reading


An education at sea

My latest television obsession — the one that until this past weekend had consumed more than 20% of my DVR’s capacity — is the PBS documentary “Carrier.”  It’s a fascinating 10-part series filmed aboard the USS Nimitz , a naval aircraft… Continue reading

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Are you on track to graduate?

You may think you’re cruising toward graduation , but during your junior year in college, you may want to make a point to double check that everything is in order. You don’t want any surprises — or setbacks — during your… Continue reading

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Graceful ideas

It’s graduation time! Congratulations to those of you who are finishing your degree this month. Take time to celebrate, but don’t forget your student loan payments will be here before you know it (wah wah!) . Luckily your Federal Stafford Loans… Continue reading

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What will your first 30 days bring?

For many of you who will graduate from college any day now, you’re starting one of the most fun, scary and challenging times of your life. You’re facing a huge change — and you may have a hard time coping,… Continue reading

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You can (and should) go back

If you’re graduating from college this spring, you probably can’t imagine not being on campus — hanging out in the dorms, roaming the library stacks, playing Frisbee  on the green. But once you graduate, why would you go back? That’s… Continue reading

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Federal loan rate changes?

Back in February, I wrote about the possibility of lower student loan interest rates. We’re getting closer to the possible rate changes for variable interest rate federal student loans (those made before July 1, 2006). Remember, those can change every… Continue reading


A summer vacation dream come true

A few weeks ago, I watched the protests around the Olympic torch  with quite a bit of interest. You see, I had already booked and paid for a family trip to Beijing to see the Olympics  this August! This is… Continue reading

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It pays to stay organized

One of my great pet peeves in life is late fees. Whether they’re at the video store, the library or on my credit card bill — it drives me crazy to have to pay extra just because I’m disorganized. Recently… Continue reading