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Quick credit questions and answers

We got an email via Ask The Expert recently with some great questions about credit. I thought all of you might benefit from a little credit Q&A as well, so here are some highlights of my response to the reader:… Continue reading


The great purge of 2008

One of the benefits of building a new home (and selling your current one) is the opportunity to take stock of the things you really need or want — and purge those that you don’t. I’ve spent the better part… Continue reading

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College orienteering

Reality check: Summer is withering away and Fall classes are on their way. How are you soon-to-be college freshmen out there doing? Are you ready to be on campus? Six years ago (-ish, I’m not dealing with my rising age… Continue reading


Last chance to tell your “Someday Story” dream

Today when I made a deposit at a Wells Fargo ATM, up popped a message about our Someday StoriesSM promotion, which runs through July 25. Now, I realize should’ve brought this cool contest to your attention earlier, so my apologies…. Continue reading


Surprise, it’s a “something!”

My something finally arrived! Now it’s time to share my  package unveiling with you. I know you’ve waited with baited breath to see what I got, so check out the video to watch me open my something!… Continue reading



I spent the long weekend for the 4th of July  with my husband’s family on the Oregon coast. The town puts on an amazing fireworks show  for the 30,000 or so spectators that flock to the beach for the holiday… Continue reading


Fueling your education — literally

I don’t have to tell you how much it hurts to fill up my gas tank. You probably feel it, too. I’ve had to stop watching the pump as I fuel my vehicle. As I approach $30, I always feel… Continue reading

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Post-college penny-pinching (again!)

When I was just out of college, working at my first job, grocery shopping was no fun. I carried a calculator with me to make sure I didn’t run my bill over $40 each week. I bought lots of hot… Continue reading

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Party people

A few weeks ago, I sent a graduation card to my cousin’s son. He graduated from high school with honors and will be going to UCSF   this fall. The family is very proud! Seems like we’ve had quite a… Continue reading