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Getting more from your Visa® card

A few weeks ago Staci blogged about back-to-school spending and how students and parents will spend less this year than in previous years. Sounds like everyone is trying to save money these days! If you’re among them, did you know… Continue reading

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How to have a great senior year

As I’ve mentioned, my stepdaughter is about to start her senior year in college. Boy, these last three years have gone by quickly! I can’t help but think back to the beginning of my senior year in college — not… Continue reading

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Who needs cable TV?

Since Caroline and Barbara have recently been extolling the virtues of frugal living, I thought I’d chime in and offer up a tip of my own: In this high speed internet age, you just might be able to survive without… Continue reading


Read the fine print

I just got back from the airport. Unfortch, I was not returning from a fabulous trip to a tropical location . However I was buying a ticket to one…well, Florida’s not quite the tropics, but I’m sure it will seem that… Continue reading

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Splitting it down the middle

Whether in a dorm room, apartment, or house, it’s likely you’ll be sharing space with someone when you head back to school. And when you’re sharing space, you’re also sharing expenses. Chances are that you have some type of relationship… Continue reading

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Do your financial lifestyles match?

When you’re choosing a roommate, there’s a lot to think about — especially if you’ll be living off-campus, where you have many more responsibilities than you do with on-campus housing. One of the things to consider seriously is whether your… Continue reading


Dorm essentials, the frugal way

Editor’s Note: It’s inevitable, Student LoanDown readers…school is about to start! In the next three posts, Barbara and Caroline — who have many years of roommate experience under their belts — share some tips on how to make dorm and… Continue reading

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Check your financial to-do list

In this last month before school starts, you’ve probably got a long list of things that you need to do before heading off to college — especially if it’s your freshman year. While you’re making preparations, be sure you cover… Continue reading

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When times are tough, do the tough still go shopping?

These days you can’t open a newspaper, click on an online news site, or turn on the television without being bombarded by reports on the state of the economy. I’m not sure if it’s as bad as the news reports… Continue reading


Calculate your payment…before repayment

Think quick: How much loan money would you be responsible for paying if you graduated today? Don’t know? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon for students to put loans out of mind until repayment. Even those who do… Continue reading