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Budget game plan

Yay, fall! Not only are the leaves beginning to turn shades of red, yellow and brown, but it’s tailgating and football time! I’m more partial to the tailgating aspect of the sport. However, as a native Nebraskan, I’ve basically been… Continue reading


Grad school: Not a bailout plan

It’s hard to avoid all the bad economic news  these days. College students, I wouldn’t blame you if you’re nervous about leaving the safe confines of campus. The real world isn’t looking too inviting these days. So with a rough… Continue reading


Debit card dependency?

On Sunday I went to the ATM, which I usually do in order to have some cash for the week. After I’d gotten cash, I went to put away my debit card and noticed that I had a check from… Continue reading



It’s payday today. I always know when it’s payday. It’s the curse of a young professional with financial OCD (and usually a fairly low checking account balance). A couple Fridays ago, Staci and I were heading out to enjoy some… Continue reading


Starting internships early

We’ve talked in the past how valuable internships can be. This summer I got the chance to meet a super-cool student who got a head start when it comes to internships — in high school. Jacob Jackson is now a… Continue reading

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Downloading textbooks?

I was listening to NPR  the other day and heard this story  about students downloading their textbooks from the Internet. It’s not legal — similar to downloading music from unauthorized places — you can’t just take copyrighted material without paying… Continue reading


Learning from your financial aid mistakes, part 3

Not long ago I read an article that made me cringe: A graduate student at California State University, Northridge  decided to put her tuition on a credit card. On her credit card? With all the other options out there? [Gasp.]… Continue reading


Learning from your financial aid mistakes, part 2

Generally, Wells Fargo recommends that students exhaust all of their “free money” (such as grants and scholarships) first, then borrow federal student loans, and if they need additional funds, consider private student loans . Graduate student Jennifer weighs the pros and… Continue reading

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Learning from your financial aid mistakes, part 1

As we commemorate the second anniversary of the Student LoanDown — how can it be two years already? — I’m reminded of why we started blogging in the first place: To have a conversation about education financing. Although we bloggers… Continue reading

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Mobile banking saves the day

To me, there’s almost no bigger financial fear than the thought of bouncing a check or overdrawing an account. On top of potential embarrassment, there are also usually fees that go along with having insufficient funds. I normally try to… Continue reading