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The college students’ guide to a happy Thanksgiving

For most of the population, Thanksgiving is a pretty restful holiday. No real obligations other than to eat and watch football. For college students, it’s different. You still get to eat and watch football , but it isn’t always a particularly… Continue reading


My studying soundtrack

Do you listen to music while you study? I did. I watched movies, too. And even now, when work calls for some late-night overtime, I still do. Do you think it’s a Gen Y  thing? Or just a way some… Continue reading


Don’t let the headlines get you down

For college students or recent graduates, all the doomsday news about the economy can be pretty unsettling. And truth be told, the job outlook  for 2009 grads doesn’t look wonderful. I don’t mean for that news to get you down… Continue reading

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The great Turkey Day debate

To go home for Thanksgiving or not to go home for Thanksgiving? That is the question many of you may be faced with this time of year. It’s not always an easy decision. For some strange reason, with the wrap-up… Continue reading

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Scholarships: something to be thankful for

Here we are, approaching holiday season at breakneck speed. In just a few short weeks we’ll be with family and friends for food, football, and fiscal stimulation!  But most of all, we’ll be remembering what we’re thankful for. This past… Continue reading

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Cosigned, sealed, delivered

If you’re in the market for a private student loan (the kind you turn to once you’ve exhausted all your scholarships, grants, and federal funding), you’ve likely heard or will hear about cosigners. Having a cosigner can make a difference… Continue reading


Happy at college?

Hey college freshmen, how are you doing? Now that you’ve been at school a couple of months, are you settling in? Finding your way? Freshman year can be tough, no doubt about it. A few short months ago, you were… Continue reading


Apartment hunting, courtship, and you

Moving can be equal-parts expensive, rewarding, and painful, and my husband and I have just completed the month-long process of getting settled into our new place. As I reflect on the experience, I’m struck by how many similarities there are… Continue reading

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