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Surviving winter break

I don’t mean for my post title to sound negative. Most students and parents actually look forward to winter break  – especially that first year. Students want to eat some home cooking, sleep in their own room, and catch up… Continue reading

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“Poverty Party Mix”

Holiday time means once-a-year kind of treats — lovely baked goods, tins full of popcorn, and candies galore. Everyone has certain foods without which it just wouldn’t feel like the holidays. For me, it’s hoska , a Czech bread that my… Continue reading


On the move this winter

They say it’s best to move every ten years or so in order to manage the clutter that builds over time. When you are in college, it seems like you are moving a lot. I certainly was, especially around the… Continue reading


Repay the smart way

Recent grads, have you made your first student loan payment? If not, it’s coming. The six-month grace period of Federal Stafford Loans is ending for May graduates, which means it’s time to repay. Here are a few ideas to start… Continue reading


Getting a flu shot?

Have you gotten a flu shot  yet? My kids and I have. I got the flu — and I mean the real-deal, down-and-out-for-a-week flu — nine years ago over Christmas, and I will never forget it. Any illness that sticks… Continue reading


A quick maintenance break

Heads-up: We’ll be performing some much-needed maintenance and will be a little quiet for the next couple days. We will still be receiving your comments (so please keep writing!), but won’t be able to publish them until Friday when we’re… Continue reading

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The conflicted giver

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the holiday shopping season is in full swing. I love to give. A Leo  by birth, I’ve always been a generous soul. So throughout the year I listen for cues from my family and friends… Continue reading

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Have yourself a frugal little Christmas

Money is tight for nearly everyone this year — but if you think creatively, you can give some pretty cool holiday gifts without spending a whole lot. I found a fun website  that can help you organize your gift-giving process,… Continue reading

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A buy-nothing Christmas?

I’ve got to be honest with you: I don’t really give gifts. Sure, I generally find something for my niece and nephews and do help Santa fill my sister’s stocking with some practical items she needs (think socks and Chapstick®). … Continue reading