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Your credit score: What’s in a number?

So after reading entries from Barbara and Kathy, we should all probably know how important it is to keep your credit healthy and why you should check your credit report from time to time. But if you’re anything like me,… Continue reading

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The credit report conversation, continued

Last time, I started going over the basics of the credit report with my Curious Mythical Reader (CMR). Let’s listen in on the rest of the conversation: CMR: So wait, what’s in my credit report again? KD: In addition to… Continue reading

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The credit report conversation

Last fall, when I wrote about my experience moving into a new apartment, I mentioned one of the important things to know about in order to properly manage your credit: your credit report. As part of this special series on… Continue reading


Introduction to credit

Editor’s note: We want to take some time to talk about one of your most important financial assets: your credit. Over the next few days, Barbara, Kathy, and our newest blogger Cheryl will be dissecting credit — why it’s important,… Continue reading


Internships, revisited

I caught a little heat from my boss after she read my last post on internships because I failed to mention that my job now actually sprung from an internship she granted me five (whoa!) years ago with Wells Fargo…. Continue reading

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Economic crisis? Yay!

Does the financial news these days have you down? With the majority of what we see in the paper and hear over the airwaves focused on the tough times folks are facing in a difficult economy, some of you may… Continue reading

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Comparing award letters

If you’re a high school senior, Decision Day is almost here. You’re getting to the point where you should be receiving your award letters  from colleges. If you haven’t already decided on a school, these award letters are probably a… Continue reading

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Eating healthy on a budget

It’s about that time of year when the new faces I’ve been seeing at the gym since the start of 2009 begin appearing less frequently. Ah yes, it’s the time when those resolutions made just three short months ago fade… Continue reading

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In a recession, everyone should live like a college student

College students are well-known for their frugal habits. Ramen noodles , anyone? But in a recession, everyone can take a page from college students, who know how to have fun on the cheap. I’m taking a page myself. After four months… Continue reading


What to do with your major

Graduation is looming, seniors. Do you know what you’ll do with your major? If your major is something general — the kind that lends itself to graduate school, like psychology , sociology or English — what happens if you don’t go… Continue reading

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