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Protect your (online) reputation

Increasingly, more and more of us are moving a part of our social lives online. Take me for example: I’m a social media  junkie! I love reconnecting with old friends with whom I had lost touch, sharing pictures from recent… Continue reading

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If you need more money

High school seniors, you may think the hard part about your college decision-making is over. You’ve probably already applied to, been accepted and decided on a school. And you’ve probably completed your FAFSA  and know what your financial aid award… Continue reading

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Spring sweep

I’m always looking for ways to make my life a little more convenient and a little less messy. In fact, if anyone has some simple advice for: [1] stopping my Corgi  from shedding uncontrollably, and [2] keeping dog hair from… Continue reading

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Go green

Admittedly, my thoughts today were inspired by a gorgeous, teenage vampire who once said, “The wasting of finite resources is everyone’s business.” Like Edward Cullen , I’ve come to realize that environmental conservation is not just for unbathed hippies who have… Continue reading


Green gardens

Earlier this week, the abundant sunshine in my kitchen reminded me to check on my seedling trays (I decided to save costs by growing my own food…well, some of it). So, I moseyed over and squealed with delight. My little… Continue reading

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On being “average”

We all strive to be above average in some of the things we do. Scholars are hoping to surpass the average grades, athletes are striving for higher than average statistics, you get the picture. Yet we tend to settle on… Continue reading

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Getting over your overdraft fees

A few years ago when I was a banker, a high school student came in looking for help. He was freaking out because he had overdrawn  his account again and his dad was going to take away his car. “You… Continue reading

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It’s Financial Literacy Month

Here at the Student LoanDown, we like to think that every month is financial literacy month. But this April, it actually is National Financial Literacy Month!  Time to brush up on your financial fundamentals! One of the personal finance bloggers… Continue reading


Both a borrower and a lender be

I hate to contradict Shakespeare, who said “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”  But I’m going to make the case for borrowing (and lending) stuff. When times are tough and everyone’s trying to save money, borrowing and lending things… Continue reading


Fixing your credit

We all make mistakes, right? And whether your financial mistakes are minor (going $3.00 over budget for that fancy coffee) or major (defaulting on your student loans ), you must learn from your mistakes and you must take steps to correct… Continue reading

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