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Postpone your student loan repayment

We already talked about ways you could possibly lower your monthly student loan obligations. But if you’re looking for a way to postpone your student loan payments, there may be an option for you as well. Under certain circumstances, borrowers… Continue reading


Lower your monthly student loan obligations

Folks, we’ve made it through another graduation season. The gowns and mortar boards are packed away, and now many graduates are focused on their finances during the first months out of college. Student loan repayment is just down the road…. Continue reading


The real cost of retail therapy

Have you ever been in your favorite store with a cool new pair of jeans, a new t-shirt, and a slew of other clothes in hand, ready to pay when the cashier says, “If you open a store credit card… Continue reading

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College choice costs

Each year my hometown newspaper does a special feature at graduation time. Now, keep in mind that I’m from a town of about 1,200 people.  The paper publishes all the high school graduates’ photos and includes their activities and honors,… Continue reading

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What to expect after college graduation

So, you’ve finally graduated! After four (or more!) years of hard work, you’re all done. You should be elated, and you are. But you might also feel a little down. And that’s totally normal. My stepdaughter just graduated from college… Continue reading


Call us!

You might not have noticed, but at the end of April we added a toll-free phone number to the Student LoanDown blog: 1-877-412-5321. In the age of social networking and Twitter  — which, BTW, Wells Fargo is using  — why… Continue reading


Should you stay or should you go?

When faced with the choice to go far away to school, or stick closer to home, which would you choose? My stepdaughter was recently faced with this question when she got into two different grad schools. One school was two… Continue reading


I do (want to save on wedding costs)

Since I just talked about ways for wedding party attendants to budget, I thought it would be prudent to speak to all those brides- and grooms-to-be out there as well. Now, I’m just a novice in the wedding planning arena,… Continue reading

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27 dresses

It’s the year of the wedding — for me at least. This year I’ll be a maid of honor twice and bridesmaid once. (Yes, it’s a bit Jane. ) Not to mention I’ll be a guest at a slew of other… Continue reading

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