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The art of the garage sale

Garage sales are one of the things I love about summer — right up there with swimming, sweet corn and sandals. If you’re in the process of collecting supplies for your dorm room, or you’re a recent college grad looking… Continue reading

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A new voice

After another long year of hard work, I’ve finished my junior year at UC Berkeley!  Yay senior year! Although it’s exciting to reflect back on the last three years and see where they’ve taken me, it’s also nerve-racking knowing that… Continue reading

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I love getting old

Chances are I will not utter those words again until I can order off the senior menu at local restaurants. However, today I’m happy to be twenty-five. I had heard about magical auto insurance savings after hitting the big two-five,… Continue reading

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On money matters, do you and your parents agree?

This week Wells Fargo announced the results of a recent survey, which shows that parents and their 18 to 22-year-old children don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to managing personal finances. I’m not surprised by this. When… Continue reading

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Make the most of college orientation

If you’re heading to college orientation  this summer, you’ll want to make the most of your visit. You’ll probably be registering for your classes  and possibly taking your placement tests during orientation, but there is a lot more you can… Continue reading

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I love a reward

Last week, my mail included one of my favorite things that travels to me via the postal service: a DSW reward certificate.  Yes, $10 off the next pair of pumps, wedges or sandals I purchase at the discount shoe store…. Continue reading

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Setting up text alerts

After my last post, one of our readers correctly noted that it’s not super obvious how to set up a text alert. In addition to replying to his question, I thought I would share it with all of you too…. Continue reading

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Plan your summer before college

Summer is just beginning for you graduating seniors — time to relax and enjoy. But it’s also time to start planning for college. Here are a few tips to keep you organized so you’re ready for class when fall rolls… Continue reading

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Just because you can delay student loan repayment doesn’t mean you should

Last week Barbara laid out a number of options for borrowers to extend or postpone student loan repayment — important information for new grads to have as they enter the real world. This is a topic that we get lots… Continue reading