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What are you saving for?

When I opened my inbox today, I found a message from the bank. My automatic transfer had gone through, adding another chunk of change to my savings account. Recently, I dedicated one of my savings accounts for a specific goal:… Continue reading

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Managing my expenses

Like many college students, I fall under the category of being an uncontrollable spender when it comes to wardrobe enhancements and fine dining. For me, even though it’s important to look trendy and live an eventful life, it’s just as… Continue reading

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Credit card training wheels

I’m a college student, and I think it’s never too early to start establishing your credit. In fact, it is key to build a good credit history in preparation for the future when you are looking to take out a… Continue reading

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Will you work during college?

Question for you college freshmen-to-be: Do you plan to get a job  when you start school this fall? It seems to be a common question among new college students. Should I get a job, or will I be too busy… Continue reading

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Salary, job satisfaction, or both?

As the recession continues to push our economy in a challenging direction, students across the nation are holding on tight to their degrees, hoping their education will earn them a salary  that’s at least enough to pay off their bills…. Continue reading

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It’s not sad, it’s responsible

As Staci has said before, it’s tough to be friends with me. I’m still a gal on a pretty strict budget. And when the money runs out, I’m a gal who cuts herself off. So it was difficult last week… Continue reading

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Paper or plastic? That is the question…

Editor’s note: Chelsea McDermott-Lenocio is a guest blogger from our Card Services & Consumer Lending division, where she is a product manager. When she’s not out enjoying time in the sun or fishing, you can catch Chelsea shopping for stealer… Continue reading

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Boost your financial aid budget

As the new school year rolls around, students are finalizing their financial aid packages for Fall 2009. Some students may have additional expenses not calculated into the Cost of Attendance (COA) that they’re worried about paying. The COA is an… Continue reading

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The scoop on Income Based Repayment

Does your current (or future) federal student loan payment seem a bit daunting? As of July 1, there’s a new repayment option for federal student loans that may help. Income Based Repayment  (IBR) is designed to help borrowers who find… Continue reading

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