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Working with financial aid offices

Hello, new friends! Until now, my experience with blogs has been strictly limited to lurker status. But it’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone and have a conversation with you here on the Student LoanDown. At… Continue reading

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Before and after

As a home remodeling maven (OK, novice, but I can dream), I love a good before and after. So I’m proud to unveil the “after” of The Student LoanDown! Yep, it was time for a new look — so if… Continue reading

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A new college financing option

When it comes to borrowing for education, you know that student loans come in two varieties — those that are backed by the government and those made by private companies, like Wells Fargo, which are based on the borrower’s credit…. Continue reading

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Get a job that works for you

Getting your first job out of college is almost always a tough proposition. Most grads feel pressure not just to get “a job” but to get a job that’s in the field you studied, sounds impressive, and pays a lot…. Continue reading

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Where are you living after graduation?

For you college seniors, it’s an exciting (albeit somewhat scary) time: graduation! As I think back to my own graduation and the uncertainty of my own next steps, I’m curious about your next steps. Specifically, I’m wondering about your living… Continue reading

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Congrats, grads!

To all you soon-to-be high school graduates: congratulations! You’ve worked hard these past four years — it’s time to take a moment and appreciate all you’ve accomplished! Your life has likely been running in high gear for the last year… Continue reading

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The case for paying extra

Hopefully, you’ve got student loan repayment on the mind after hearing about repayment options, more on Income Based Repayment, and ways to pay. Once you’ve taken stock of your options, there’s one more thing you should think about: How much… Continue reading

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Get organized for repayment

Student LoanDown readers, many of you’ll be entering a new phase of life soon: student loan repayment. Don’t be freaked out (like I was). You can handle this. It just takes a little organization. Back when I started repaying my… Continue reading

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