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Summer spending temptations

Where did June go? As we approach the halfway point of your summer break (or internship or summer classes), it’s a good time to check in with you on how you’ve been spending this summer — or maybe I should… Continue reading

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Ready for your roommate?

You freshmen heading off to college for the first time this fall — are you ready for your roommate? I remember getting my roommate assignment from university housing and being really nervous to meet her. Would we get along or… Continue reading

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Graduation, aka the loss of college perks

A successful transition to the world that awaits you after college graduation isn’t easy. Particularly difficult is losing some benefits that come along with the title “college student.” I miss the joys and the blissfulness of college life (but not… Continue reading

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Finish in four

I get the desire some people have to prolong the college experience. Even after being in the so-called “real world” for just over four years, there are still times I wish I got a summer break or could sleep in… Continue reading

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Greetings from the “real world”

On May 16, the shackles of blue book exams, bad campus food and eccentric professors fell off my exhausted shoulders, and I, along with many others, found myself thrust into the exciting yet unfamiliar world of post-graduation. My alma-mater is… Continue reading

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School’s out for summer…or is it?

For most of you college students, summer break probably began weeks ago. Unless, of course, you decided to do summer school. I never took summer classes myself, opting instead for a series of unfortunate part-time jobs. Typically, by the time… Continue reading

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Private student loans and self certification

While looking at your financial aid award for the fall semester, you may find that you need to fill a funding gap with a private student loan. This year, there’s a new step in the private student loan application process:… Continue reading

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What will you do with your grace period?

You’re in that zone. You’ve graduated, but you don’t have to start paying back your student loans just yet. So how will you handle it? Put off worrying about it for a few months. You’ve got bigger concerns now, like… Continue reading

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Surviving a move back home

Last month, I asked about your living arrangement after graduation. This time of year, as some students are transitioning to their post-college life, one buzzword keeps popping up in the news: boomerang. Moving back in with your parents or another… Continue reading

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