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Your back to school to-dos

Remember your back to school supplies checklist from grade school Each year new items were added as things like crayons fell off. Well, it’s the same thing with your beginning of the school year to-dos list: Kindergarten roundup turns into… Continue reading

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Moving in, moving out

Last weekend involved a lot of moving for me. My family and I moved to a new house, and my stepdaughter moved to a new apartment. That’s right. All in the same weekend. I got a vivid reminder of how… Continue reading

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Cover letter basics 101

Cover letters can be a bane for job seekers, but are crucial if you want employers to look at your resume. Despite their importance, cover letters are something many people dislike writing. Maybe it’s because people see them as redundant… Continue reading

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Giving back sans $

After reading Caroline’s post about giving back to your school, I thought I’d share my own experiences with donating, because I took a bit different route. It’s something that you might be interested in, too. Right out of college, I… Continue reading

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What your Financial Aid Office wants you to know

Preparing to head off to college in the fall is a big, hairy deal. There are way, way, way too many details to keep organized. One detail that tends to get overlooked: paying for tuition. Odd isn’t it? Most students… Continue reading

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Make sure it’s a back-to-school bargain

Back-to-school shopping is always pretty fun — even if you’re in college. Except in the college years, it’s not all about new clothes and a fresh backpack. You’re more likely to be hunting down things like laundry supplies, bedding, and… Continue reading

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Resume Basics 101

Let’s face it: Finding a job is a daunting, tedious, nerve-wracking, and emotionally draining job within itself. Updating resume after resume, checking over cover letters to ensure accuracy coupled with the constant rejection many face can be mentally exhausting and… Continue reading

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A must-take class for fall semester

Back to school time is upon us. As you’re reviewing your schedule for the fall semester on campus, consider adding another “class” of sorts — a lesson from the Hands on Banking® program. What you’ll be learning in your course… Continue reading

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