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Who do you trust?

We’ve had some awesome comments lately, so I just wanted to give you guys some post props for sharing your thoughts and situations with us. Keep them coming! We love hearing from you and try to respond to your questions… Continue reading

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Can fraud be friendly?

Have you ever lent your credit card, debit card or driver’s license to a friend or roommate? Harmless, right? You’ve known them for what, like seven months now, and you trust them with your other belongings. So, what’s the big… Continue reading

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What do you do when it comes to filing your taxes?

Tax day will be here before you know it. As a student (or the parent of a student), there are a variety of tax deductions that may be available to you, so be sure to educate yourself with our online… Continue reading

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Not your traditional classroom

Five years ago around this time (yikes, that’s a while! ) I was completing my last semester of college. Being fairly type A, I had monitored my required classes and electives very closely during my college career. By the time… Continue reading

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What your kids should know before they go

When your child is a preschooler, there are basic skills you worked on every day to ensure she was ready to start school—I know, I’m in the thick of it now with one child in kindergarten and another ready to… Continue reading

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Halfway there

Good luck on midterm exams! Is it really that time already? How does it feel to be halfway there? For me, the halfway point on any journey—be it college, my twenties, or even a trip to the supermarket—is a time… Continue reading

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Snow day

The weather these past weeks has meant a number of school closings across the nation. South Dakota was no exception. In my four years of college—in South Dakota, mind you—there was one (yes, just one) snow day. When classes were… Continue reading

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