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From soldier to student: part two

Today, on this Memorial Day, I’d like to share more from Javier Tenorio (check out his first post here), a veteran and fellow Wells Fargo team member. I asked Javier to share a bit more on how serving in the… Continue reading

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From soldier to student: part one

Memorial Day is almost upon us, and as we take time to remember those who have given their lives in service, I wanted to share a couple posts from Javier Tenorio, a fellow Wells Fargo team member and veteran. Javier’s… Continue reading

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Road to successful repayment

Congratulations to all you new college grads! You’re starting down a new road in life—and one of the places you’re headed is toward repayment of your student loans. Typically, your repayment will begin six months from your graduation day, so… Continue reading

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Not just a piece of paper

I’m going to admit this upfront: I am having an internal, point/counterpoint, stream of consciousness discussion with myself as I’m writing here about college degrees. You see, starting out my thought was that college is not just about a piece… Continue reading

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What’s next for you?

Congratulations on making it through your freshman year! (Believe it or not, I’ve seen statistics that say 35% of college freshmen drop out. So yes, congrats are in order!) Now that your first year is behind you, what’s next? Personally,… Continue reading

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To walk or not to walk

I graduated from college 20 years ago. At the time, the graduation ceremony didn’t seem that important to me. In fact, I skipped the ceremony in order to participate in a track meet out of town. Looking back on it… Continue reading

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Spending vs. investing

For the budget conscious of us—which this economic age should be all of us—careful thought is usually put into whether we should spend money on something. It could be an item, an experience, a donation, etc. Sometimes we truly are… Continue reading

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PLUS loans or private loans?

When undergraduate students and parents are looking to cover education costs—after using scholarships, grants and Federal Stafford loans, of course—additional borrowing to cover that gap is a common solution. One of the common questions asked at that point is, “Which… Continue reading

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Reaping spring cleaning

Caroline wrote last week about financial spring cleaning. Today, I wanted to give some love to spring cleaning in the traditional sense: When the cleaning bug hits the masses, and they start to de-clutter and donate, remove, and resell. My… Continue reading

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