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Three steps to building good credit

Yesterday, I told you about my conversation with my niece regarding the difference between debit and credit. This reminded me of what my parents taught me when I entered college and got my first credit card: It was three simple… Continue reading

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Vacation tips and tricks, part two

As I continue to prep for my getaway next week, I wanted to share even more tips from our bloggers on vacationing. Be sure to chime in with your own advice, too! Ben A wise boss once told me two… Continue reading

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Vacation tips and tricks, part one

I need a vacation. It’s time for a little break from the daily grind. And while I’m not able to afford an extravagant two week stint somewhere spendy right now, it’s still good to have a little something to look… Continue reading

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Don’t ruin your credit

It’s so easy to spend money once you graduate from college. For one, you feel a little bit entitled. After living like a student for four years, you’ve earned your degree and you may want to finally own some new… Continue reading

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How parents can help pay for college

After Caroline asked about your involvement in planning and paying for college, I wanted to address the latter part in a bit more detail. So if you (or your parents, for those student readers) want to help pay for college,… Continue reading

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Is it worth the money?

These days it seems there are lots of articles about ways to make the college experience more affordable—and here at the Student LoanDown, we’re always advocating money management, responsible spending, etc. However, when it comes to college, I do think… Continue reading

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