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Back-to-school resolutions for high school students (and parents)

Editor’s note: In the next few posts we’re talking about the new year. Not the January 1st one, not the Chinese one, but the school one. And what better way to kick off a new year than with some resolutions!… Continue reading

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Fraud prevention tips

While perusing the aisles on a recent trip to Barnes & Noble, I saw a table of college-centric books— a couple of which focused on safety on campus. Of course, that got me thinking about identity and financial safety, and… Continue reading

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A roommate survival guide

Last week I asked you about roommates. When you’re sharing living space with someone else, or a number of other people, there is always potential for conflicts. She drank the last of the milk. He left a mess in the… Continue reading

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Got roommates?

Readers in college or just out of college: I’m curious about your living situation. Are you headed to the dorms this fall, sharing an apartment with another college student or young professional, or maybe living at home? My college and… Continue reading

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Culinary and credit options

Picture this: Dinner is being served at the college cafeteria, commons, etc. You pass by the trays of hot food and see a new dish. It looks like it could be good, but you’re not sure. What do you do?… Continue reading

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Fly back free

Any competitive swimmer knows I’m not talking about an airline promotion! Butterfly, backstroke, and freestyle are three of the four swim strokes—breaststroke is the fourth. Why all the swim talk? Well, my summer has been all about swim meets. My… Continue reading

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Will you be moving to my town?

I wouldn’t have thought to ask you that a couple months ago, but recently Forbes ranked Des Moines, Iowa number one on its list of Best Cities for Young Professionals. I’m happy to see my town on the list—let alone… Continue reading

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In college (and in life) there are tons of different things competing for your time. Right now, I’m a bit frazzled. Between work, volunteer commitments, numerous projects around the house, and plain old life, my days are pretty full. And… Continue reading

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