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Doomed to a life of debt?

Is that the story for college students who aren’t entering high-paying professions these days? Or for students entering an “open-ended” type of major that doesn’t lead to one particular career path? (Psychology, history, and English, for instance.) Personally, I don’t… Continue reading

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Punctual payments

Fact: I have zero late payments on my credit report. As you probably gathered throughout the month, that little fact makes a big difference when it comes to my credit. When I simulate my credit score, if I were to… Continue reading

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The game of credit

It’s a simple financial truth: Credit scores are important. How important? Individuals with strong credit will save thousands of dollars more over a lifetime than individuals with poor or damaged credit scores. Thousands of dollars is likely a conservative estimate—the… Continue reading

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Places to “Get Smart About Credit”

Just as we know it’s almost impossible to succeed without the ability to read and write, we now know it will be difficult to succeed in the present-day financial system without receiving financial education and learning how to manage credit… Continue reading

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What was your most important credit lesson?

Credit is something I’m constantly learning about—mostly because I work at a bank and answer a lot of credit related questions from our readers. However, I’m also learning (sometimes hard) lessons about my own credit. More on that later this… Continue reading

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Why credit is not a dirty word

These days, it seems like anything you hear about credit is negative: people overcharging their credit cards, borrowing too much in student loans, or buying more house than they can afford. But that’s just one end of the spectrum. Managed… Continue reading

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Learning about credit

You may have heard us talk about Get Smart About Credit Day on the blog in years past. It’s an annual event sponsored by the American Bankers Association that takes place on the third Thursday in October. Well, Wells Fargo… Continue reading

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Is a college education still worth it?

In today’s challenging job market, does it still pay to get a college education? Recently the Wells Fargo Economics group explored the issue in their article “The Kids Are Alright” (PDF)*. Ultimately the article concludes that despite increasing college tuition… Continue reading

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